REM recruitment find the right people for your business, so you can impress your clients and grow.

REM Recruitment offers clients both Contingency Recruitment and Executive Search services.

REM Recruitment understand that recruitment is not just about filling roles, it’s about finding people with the right personality, drive and passion for their work. Working with clients to understand their business and what they are looking for in the people they are recruiting for is essential to successful hires. The aim is to find candidates who fit your business and your workplace culture, as this is fundamental for finding the best possible match.

REM Recruitment offers clients both Contingency Recruitment and Executive Search servicesREM Recruitment provides a personal and dedicated service to clients which results in saving you time to focus on your own job, through the delivery of:

  • a large network of contacts / access to a large pool of talent
  • honest feedback on remuneration levels and role expectations that is completely impartial. This helps to improve your recruitment process
  • recruitment services charged at market competitive rates, and an agreed fee basis upfront. This means that you can plan your recruitment budget
  • help to reduce your cost per hire. This is because we are able to find the right candidate for the job the first time around
  • feedback on your employer brand, through understanding candidate’s employment aspirations. This helps to improve your brand appeal to candidates
  • the right talent for your business, from our in depth understanding of a candidate’s technical ability, experience and most importantly their work ethics

The buzzwords for the future of property and asset management are proptec and digitalisation, which is key to providing efficiency in the way property and asset management is delivered. This is the case for all sizes of firms, but in the case of large firms with thousands of properties under management it’s important to get the proptec choices right, but also and in many ways more importantly, the people who are operating and overseeing the proptec, need to be proficient and dedicated for the services to be delivered successfully.

Property & Asset Management Recruitment

Since the global Covid-19 pandemic, the prevalence and ability of working from home has become significant, and a major consideration for many people’s future job choices. However, the need to maintain a healthy and productive team environment has necessitated a significant return to the office for those working in the commercial property and asset management sector. Through experience in witnessing people’s working patterns and preferences, this can be shared and adapted into job specifications to ensure they appeal to the ideal candidates.

Recruitment Services

Contingency Recruitment

A contingency recruitment service is used by clients to fill vacant positions. The client works with a recruitment agency to identify and hire candidates on a temporary or permanent basis. The recruitment agency is paid a fee only if and when the client hires a candidate that the agency has referred.

REM Recruitment operate an exhaustive candidate database of people in search of their next step in their career, to provide clients with a range of suitable candidates. Through gaining a detailed understanding of the roles, and therefore the ideal candidates required, a tailored selection of suitable candidates can be provided.

REM Recruitment’s website, social media and online job boards can be utilised to attract candidates from within the commercial property and asset management sector. This means that candidates that register, are typically already working within this sector, or have decided this is the sector they’d like to move into.  When candidates are introduced, you can be assured that they will have the relevant skills and experience for the job, as their background is exhaustively assessed as part of REM Recruitment’s candidate registration process.

The registration process is rigorous, whereby all candidates are thoroughly assessed in terms of their skill set, technical ability, experience, career ambitions and most importantly their preferred work culture and working environment preferences before they are registered.

REM Recruitment offer a full 360 recruitment service, which includes:

  • Advertising your vacancy (to suit your own disclosure requirements)
  • Screening and selection of candidates
  • Managing the application process
  • Offering advice on salaries and shortlisting
  • Providing a prompt and efficient service, and being available whenever you require

Our contingency recruitment is on a ‘no hire no fee basis’, with the fee typically being applicable on the candidates start date.

Client Recruitment Services: Contingency Recruitment & Executive Search

Executive Search

An executive search recruitment is a process whereby a client employs the services of a specialist recruitment agency to help them find suitable candidates for senior-level or executive positions within their firm and comes with the highest level of confidentiality. 

Following the client’s brief on the required individual, REM Recruitment will identify those that meet the criteria, carefully approach them, and establish their openness to a more in-depth dialogue on the opportunity.  The next stage is face-to-face interviews, of which would follow with a detailed report issued to the client for their consideration. At this point, candidates would then be interviewed by yourselves, with the offering stage handled by REM Recruitment under your instructions. 

  • Use specialist market knowledge to identify and approach candidates
  • Provide a shortlist of candidates that match your specific needs
  • Help you through the offer and negotiation process

With confidentiality at the core, REM Recruitment make this our priority whilst identifying the match required to meet the client’s needs.

If you are a client who would be interested in finding out more about how we can help you with your recruitment needs, please do so by using the form below or alternatively give us a call on +44 7866 583800.