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Why use a recruiter? Recruiters help candidates identify an employer that is a good fit, and save’s the candidate time in the hiring process. They also provide insight into the type of role and employer that would suit them, based on the candidate’s experience, technical ability and work ethics. They also help negotiate salaries. 

Are you looking for or considering your next career move?

REM Recruitment understand that your next career move is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life, and you want to get it right – ‘right firm, right role that you can flourish in for years to come’.

What is recruitment, how does it work, and why use a recruiter?

Studies suggest that the majority of jobs are not advertised and that networking is the predominant method of matching people in the real estate industry. Therefore, from a candidate’s perspective, online job boards are unlikely to be the key to advancing their career.

REM Recruitment help candidates through covertly networking on their behalf, which not only means their confidentiality is protected but they can also concentrate on their current role, whilst searching for their next role in the full knowledge the best work is being done for them by REM.

REM Recruitment live and breathe discussions with employers and candidates about remuneration packages, and therefore can guide candidates on the level of remuneration they should expect based upon their experience and technical ability.

The commercial property industry has experienced the largest shifts in occupier requirements for decades, from the reshaping of the high street, surging demand for industrial space and more recently the remodelling of offices for the post pandemic world. All of these changes have a direct impact on the employment market in terms of the demand for skills and experience within each re-evolving sector.

REM Recruitment’s experience of working in the asset and property management sector, and ongoing networking, means we can track these trends and convert them into employment forecasts for where the growth areas are likely to occur, and the corresponding demand for skills and experience within those property sectors. This can be shared with candidates to assist them in the roles to go for, and more importantly those to avoid.

How do we secure your dream job?

The process is designed to help you discover what you want, what you value, and what you’re looking for in your next career move.

What is recruitment, how does it work and why use a recruiter?It can be a daunting task, though using REM Recruitment’s long-standing experience of working in the industry and connections, the process is designed to guide you through your search and identify the next move that’s right for you.

The approach at REM Recruitment is getting to know people, and taking the time to meet you (in person ideally or via Zoom / Teams), to gain an understanding of your ideal role and firm. As part of the process, an appreciation of the importance of confidentiality comes part and parcel of the service, which is handled to the highest level.

REM Recruitment work on the premise that you expect honest and constructive feedback, which will always be provided throughout every step of your search for your dream job.

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